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Union Jack

"Where Man-Cave Meets Man-Culture"


We recognize that being male and one's masculinity comes in all forms and fashions. We also recognize that, as transmen, not all of us were granted the opportunity to experience the same things that a brother or male cousin would have while growing up.


Various ties, their knots and adjusting them appropriately; shaving or facial hair maintenance; alcohol preferences, their differences and how to properly enjoy them; flavors and aromas of a good cigar and how to cut and light them with skill; car and home maintenance; how to choose a good suit and the details of tailoring....the list goes on.


We partner with local businesses and professionals and are able to provide/re-create these experiences in a safe and comfortable environment. Our collaboration with these allies allow us to keep the cost to attend affordable so that we can assist the maximum number of members as possible with each event!



beer tasting @ czar bar / kansas city - june 4 2014

photo credit: drew smith

whiskey tasting @ gram&dun / kansas city - march 14 2015


facial hair maintenance w/ fifth street barbershop 

kansas city - february 18 2016

photo credit: cecilia smith

skin care pre & post T @  the facial bar

 kansas city - february 18 2016

photo credit: drew smith

'ties & templeton' w/ professional  bow-tie maker alan akers

kansas city - april 23 2016


The Union - A Midwest Transguy Coterie - Founded 2011

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