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This project highlights the identities and experiences of trans and gender non-conforming individuals living in Kansas City. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to serve as a catalyst for generating awareness, engagement, and change surrounding issues of gender- and race-based violence, with a specific emphasis on the current epidemic of violence being faced by transgender women of color both in Kansas City and the nation as a whole. 

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Malcolm Ribot, commonly referred to as the "FTM Traveler", started his trek across the U.S. over 11 months ago with a goal of connecting with members of the trans-masculine community as well as providing the masses w/ another form of positive visibility regarding the female-to-male portion of the trangender spectrum. 


Thus far Malcolm has visited 38 states and has managed to snag a few pictures of himself and the folks he meets, everwhere he goes. In April of 2016 he made his frist trip to Kansas City and 13 (12 pictured here) fellas in our area were able and excited to attend!


Here at the Union, we truly believe that the underlying aspect that makes our community a true botherhood is the willingness to connect, share and lift one another up. Whether it's a brother next door, down the street, in the next town or state that is simply passing through...we aim to welcome and accomodate as well as get to know someone who is on a similar journey. Malcolm isn't from here, but that thread runs through him as well. He brought some of us together that had never met, despite the size of our already expansive and active community...and for that we thank him and will be happy to welcome him again on his way back through the midwest, when that time comes!

April 21st, 2016

check out malcom's instagram here. 


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Transformations is a transgender and gender non-conforming (TGNC) youth group (12-18) in Kansas City, Missouri that is led by TGNC-identified adults.
The Union has been the fiscal agent for this group since May of of 2017; providing it non-profit status until it gains its own status this year! Too young for The Union but looking for a support group with great programming?! Check them out! 



Meet long time Union member and Kansas City resident, Quinten.

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Quinten hosts 19 videos on his YouTube channel documenting the days before obtaining his first prescription of testosterone, coming out to family, moving and work as well as notes on top surgery and his progress w/ recovery and healing. Fun Fact = he's been a Union member since the day we formed in 2011!


Him.Her.Them is a local hair studio with deep roots in the LGBT community.
Owners, Jerrin & Kate, not only offer high-quality cut and color services but have created an atmosphere that exudes a sense of community and belonging.
Click on the link below to visit their facebook page for more info and find out how to book your appointment today!

  him.her.them hair studio

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